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The Cycles of Nature and the Rhythms of the Body/Mind/Spirit are the pulse of Crossings;

Relationship and Discovery are the heart of Crossings


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Welcome to Crossings, your place to discover a new path to healing and wellness.

For over 25 years we have served this metropolitan community with approaches to healing and living that are rooted in ancient health traditions as well as the emerging science of neurobiology.   Our signature approach to your care is to reestablish communication and ease within your body mind spirit.  You will be met by some of the area’s leading practitioners and teachers of the healing arts.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

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Welcome to Our Center

Healing Services



Acupuncture at Crossings restores the natural cycles and rhythms of your body/mind/spirit. All of our biological systems — sleep, appetite, digestion, temperature, mood, fluids, menstruation– occur in daily and seasonal cycles. When these cycles are disrupted, symptoms arise.


Massage & Bodywork

Touch is one of our most ancient healing traditions. In every culture and time touch has healed and soothed. At Crossings, massage and bodywork are honored for the significant role they play in preventing disease, easing discomfort, and restoring health.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at Crossings is an experience that meets each client’s situation with discerning touch, empathic listening, and a sense of partnership with the client.

Education in the Healing Arts

In keeping with our founding mission “to preserve the Healing Traditions for future generations”, Crossings is a leader of in-person professional education in the Healing Arts.  Our current programs for clinicians offer deepening and expanding skill development in 5 Element Acupuncture, Somatic Experiencing, and Zero Balancing.  See our classes for information about upcoming events.

Zero Balancing

Why Professionally Study Zero Balancing (ZB)? Engage Your Clients On A Deeper Leve Work With Greater Clarity And Ease Learn Touch, Techniques And...

Somatic Experiencing

Why Professionally Study Somatic Experiencing (SE)? Transforming lives through healing trauma. Support trauma resolution and resilience through...

5 Element Acupuncture

Why Study 5 Element Acupuncture? Support your patient in returning to their authentic nature, the place where the deepest level of healing can...

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