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Acupuncture is a unique and ever-expanding form of health care.   As a senior practitioner with 40+ years of experience, I practice, teach, and treat a broad range of issues.   What is common to each of these is a desire for change in body, mind, and spirit.   My promise is to partner you in creating and discovering your changes.

My training bridges traditions of acupuncture, and applying the Five Elements is my primary mode of expertise to guide you towards good health.  The Five Elements are an expression of nature that occur via the seasonal cycle and within each of us as well.   Returning your body as well as your mind and spirit to these naturally occurring rhythms and capacities is key to alleviate your symptoms and heal dis- ease. My experience has taught me over and over again that Nature is Medicine.

If you are looking for specific symptom relief please see the acupuncture page to view all the many symptoms that acupuncture helps.  There is no symptom too large or small that is not helped or guided by viewing it through the lens of Five Elements.  Often times they provide a context for understanding what you are experiencing when nothing else has made any sense.

In response to life during Covid, I am now offering 3 ways to experience acupuncture treatment sessions with me:

    • In the clinic, in person at Crossings
    • Telehealth Zoom sessions for consultation and as treatment method for opening the movement of “QI”
    • House calls for those who need to continue to shelter.

The character image for QI is a rice pot cooking.  Too much heat, burns the rice; too little heat, leaves it soggy.  My goal for you is to keep your rice pot cooking and your life force vital in the location where you are most comfortable.

Masters in Acupuncture, L. Ac. (MD); Dipl. AC.(NCCAOM)
Acupuncture Educator and Mentor
Founder and Director Crossings Healing and Wellness

Acupuncture Today Articles:

August 2021:  Acupuncture and COVID Long-Haulers
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The American Acupuncturist, Volume 69, Winter 2015 article, “The Geometry of Emotion: Healing Emotions through the Lens of Chinese Medicine”.


Jane’s recent Covid Newsletter

Jane Grissmer, MAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM), is former Division Chair of Theory in the Masters of Acupuncture Program at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  Her publications include “When Anger Rises: Ways to Claim Anger’s Gift to Ourselves and the World.” Meridians Magazine of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, Spring 2002. “Walking Fearward: Living into and Beyond Fear.” Meridians Magazine of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, Winter 2002. “The Gift of Autumn: Discovering What Matters Most.” Meridians Magazine of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, Autumn 2001. “Notes of a Qi Tender: Guides to Complementary and Alternative Medicine.” In Contemporary Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, edited by Claire M. Cassidy. (Philadelphia: Churchill Livingstone, 2001).

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