Barbara’s primary focus in treatment is to guide her clients toward their own innate wisdom and healing capacity. This approach is carried out on many different levels. On one level it will be to address a specific symptom or a localized area. On another level it will be to assess and address the patterns this symptom arises from. On yet another level, it will be to discern, acknowledge and witness the more fundamental truths of what is present. Barbara takes great joy in partnering her clients in the possibilities for their well-being.

Barbara’s background stems from a dedicated professional life of manual diagnosis and body-centered interventions.  Specialization in several neuro-regulatory and trauma-informed approaches form the bulwark of daily practice with depth in Somatic Experiencing, Strain-Counterstrain,  CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, as well as several musculoskeletal approaches to common injuries and difficulties people face in their daily life.

For Somatic Experiencing students, Barbara is an SEP and authorized to assist and to provide authorized personal sessions at all levels.