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Ricey has been practicing holistic and manual approaches to health and education since 1984. As a physician assistant, she has worked in practices dedicated to integrative internal medicine and osteopathic manual medicine. Her approach to manual therapy is based on non-force osteopathic principles and techniques, emphasizing articular balance as a foundation for harmonious energy movement and resilience.

Appreciating that the physical body provides a home for the spirit, Ricey integrates Bach Flower Remedies, aromatherapy and other approaches for self-care support. Ricey is qualified in Lymph Drainage Therapy (Chikly Method), is a certified Zero Balancer and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. For the past several years, she has been exploring studies in Anthroposophical Medicine, integrating elements of this early 20th century spiritual-scientific approach in her consultation practice.

Ricey is committed to supporting those living with cancer, providing resource consultation, comfort massage and gentle skin care. She is certified in Oncology Massage and Oncology Skin Care Therapeutics. A cum laude graduate of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, she credits attending Potomac Massage Training Institute as a pivotal impetus for inspiring her life trajectory.