Why Professionally Study Zero Balancing (ZB)?

  • Engage Your Clients On A Deeper Leve
  • Work With Greater Clarity And Ease
  • Learn Touch, Techniques And Principles That Will Enhance Your Healing Work
  • Earn CEUs Or Nurse CNE’s.
  • Class size is small (usually up to 15 people) for personalized learning.
  • Classes hone skills through much embodied engagement.
  • The instructors and fellow students offer inspiration and encouragement.
  • Sessions are peacefully and powerfully restorative in body, mind, and spirit.
Who attends? 
  • Acupuncturists, therapists (massage, occupational, physical), bodyworkers and more.
Where can I learn more?
To schedule a ZB session or for our ZB teaching schedule, please contact the Crossings office at Officemanager@crossingshealing.com or 301-565-4924.