Covid-19 restrictions prevent Crossings from conducting classes at this time.  Class schedules will be updated when Crossings re-opens.

The Tao of Trauma

with Alaine Duncan, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., SEP

The Tao of Trauma is a year-long course for healers working with trauma survivors. Join Alaine Duncan for a year-long integrative study of the Self Protective Response and the Five Elements of acupuncture and Asian medicine. Learn interaction, observation, and touch skills to augment your work with trauma survivors.

2020-2021 Cohort:

Awaken Arousal:
Oct 2&3, 2020 (MD 1)
Oct 16&17, 2020 (MD 2)
Oct 24&25 (CA)

Signal Threat:
Nov 20&21, 2020 (MD 1)
Jan 22&23 (MD 2)
Jan 16&17 (CA)

Mobilize A Response:
Mar 5&6, 2021 (MD 1)
Apr 16&17, 2021 (MD 2)
Mar 13&14, 2021 (CA)

Restore Coherence
Apr 30& May 1, 2021 (MD 1)
May 21&22, 2021 (MD 2)
May 15&16, 2021 (CA)

Digest the Gristle
Aug 13&14, 2021 (MD 1)
Aug 27&28, 2021 (MD 2)
Aug 21&22, 2021 (CA)

Acupuncturists, Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, Intermediate level SE students, and other providers with equivalent training welcome

70 CEUs available for Psychologists, LCSWs, MFTs, and RNs through R.Cassidy Seminars. PDAs pending for acupuncturists via the NCCAOM.

Fees $1,900. Early bird: $1,700 by Aug 2, 2020
Two payments: $1,000 each, due Oct 2, 2020 & Mar 5, 2021
Four payments: $525 each, due Oct 2, 2020, Nov 20, 2020 Mar 5, & April 30, 2021

In the spirit of reparations and in solidarity with the immigrant experience, if you are of African American or Native American descent or a first generation immigrant, please take 25% off of these fees. Cancellations made 30 days prior to the first day of series will receive full refund, less $100 admin fee. Other cancellations will receive pro-rated credit towards a class held in the next 18 months.

Questions? Email us at or call Alaine at 301-806-4003.

Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) with Erin Nichole Smith


Total cost of the 6-month course (which also includes weekly distance learning classes online in between onsite meetings) is $5,995 if paid in full. Payment plans are also available.

Become certified as a Positive Psychology Practitioner – an expert in the theory, science and application of positive psychology – and use this knowledge to help individuals, organizations and communities build the six pathways of flourishing and well-being: enhanced positive emotions, experiences of engagement, meaning and purpose, authentic positive relationships, accomplishment, and vitality. This 200-hour 6-month program is certified by The Flourishing Center and designed around the model of flourishing developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology, with an added emphasis on physical well-being. CAPP students receive more than 2,900 content-rich powerpoint decks, research paper summaries, tools, activities, and worksheets to reuse after the program, and join a lifetime community of colleagues doing amazing things in the world. For more information or to register, go to

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training

This training, developed by Dr. Peter Levine, offers participants the opportunity to learn a physiologically based approach to trauma resolution. Our bodies house the results of nervous system overwhelm – trauma, and the renegotiation of the trauma comes from attending to the nervous system processes. Over the total of eight modules that this training offers, you will learn to detect and respond to the physiological and psychological effects of the disorganization of our nervous systems.

To learn more and to register for future trainings, please visit:

Tangible Acupuncture for Internal Medicine by Andrew Nugent-Head

Join us for Andrew Nugent-Head’s 5 module acupuncture series Tangible Acupuncture for Internal Medicine. This will be his only full series being taught in the United Sates for the next 2-3 years. Don’t miss out.

65 CEUs Pending, 100 hours total of Teaching


This in-depth training program for licensed acupuncturists is designed to take practitioners through the steps necessary to grasp the tangibility of acupuncture when treating internal disease. Moving beyond using acupuncture points for their book function to understanding how to profoundly affect the qi, practitioners will understand what to do at any acupuncture point, and why specific points are chosen in order to achieve great results.


Module 1: Tonifying the Upright, Dispersing the Pernicious, Regulating the Channels
Module 2: The Eight Functions of Qi
Module 3: Doors & Pathways of Qi
Module 4: Awakening the Source
Module 5: Treatment Protocols for Internal Illnesses

What is Acupuncture for Tangible Qi

A needle is meant to manipulate the Qi of a patient. The point is only a location, and its actions can only happen reliably with correct manipulation of the needle. Understanding how to change the motion and intensity of our needling hand and supporting hand, as well as our body weight is critical to moving beyond insertion and hoping for results.

This course will provide practitioners with a strong foundation for tangibly create warming, cooling, movement along the channels, gathering, spreading, filling or emptying sensations in our patients. With these essential hand and body skills, practitioners will have predictable responses and reliable clinical results. The course will build upon these foundational needling skills by providing a solid and clinically applicable theoretical foundation for diagnosing and treating myriad internal medicine conditions.


Andrew Nugent-Head spent over 20 years in China studying directly under the last old doctors of Beijing, as well as completing multiple residencies in the hospitals of Beijing and Hangzhou. Andrew is a dedicated teacher of Chinese medicine who founded the  Association for Traditional Studies (ATS) to preserve China’s traditional   knowledge. He teaches internationally and treats patients at his clinic in Asheville.

Dates and Times

2020: December 12-13
2021: January 30-31, March 20-21, June 5-6, September 18-19

First weekend ONLY, class is from 9:00 am-6:00 pm All other weekends, class is from 9:30-5:00

Prerequisites – (on-line)

100 Days of Pulling Qi: The 8 Storing Qi and Developing Sensitivity Exercises

Tangible Qi in The Clinic: Demystifying qi, learning to manipulate qi, and effect qi in your treatments


Early Bird through May 15, 2020 $2250 * After May 15th $2500 * Deposit to register/hold spot:  $500

Questions about the class:

Questions, contact Liana Brooks-Rubin:
For more information about the class and to register:
Location:  Crossings Healing and Wellness, Silver Spring, MD


SATURDAY, JULY 11, 2020 @ 10AM – 1:30PM

Learn this simple and profoundly effective method for addressing stress and tension in the body, mind, emotions, and soul.   The Seva Stress Release is a series of acupoints held gently in a particular sequence. This workshop does not require previous bodywork experience. Anyone can learn this easy method to help themselves.

Workshop participants will learn and practice:

  • the transformative power of acupressure
  • a unique touch method
  • locations of effective acupoints
  • how to use this protocol for self care

Tuition and Registration:  $60. Sign up with a friend for $20 off! Register @
CEUs: NURSES: approved by the AHNA. MASSAGE THERAPISTS:  approved by NCBTMB through 4/24/20. Check registration page for any update.

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